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So Blake's birthday is in about a month from now(July 1st). I wanted to have a birthday and family get together for it, so I thought of some fun things to do for it. I don't think any of the cousins have ever done a pinata so I made one, actually I made two. ha ha. Yes it was so much fun that I had to make another, no not really, but I started making two from the start. I don't know why I guess I have to do things the hard way. One of the pinata's is a basketball and the other is a duck. I guess that's why I did it in a month in advance so I wouldn't feel so bad about destroying something that took so long so quickly.
Another thing I like to make or eat I should say are subs. I never get subbed out, and I eat them often Jess would tell you. He doesnt mind eating them a lot either.

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Happy 3 year Anniversary to Jess and I! Cant believe its already 3 years, seems like our wedding was yesterday. Jess and I are planning on going out to eat tonight, my favorite thing to do!!!!

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May 13, 2010
May 1st was Jess's b-day and Jess got a 9mm gun. It was one of the cheaper kinds, but Jess said it was reliable. Guys......Making excuses to have a gun. Saturday we had a birthday party at my house for Jess. My family was all there, had some brownies(requested by Jess) and some ice cream. My parents came a bit late because they were coming back from a cruise. Jess got Avatar. It was the first fantasies that I liked in a long time. Good movie. The next week was my dad's birthday and then Mother's day that Sunday. For mother's day we went to my families ward to listen to my sister Heidi talk. She gave a really good talk and talked about my mom of course especially when she was helping my sister in the hospital.
Good news....So Blake got another cold a couple weeks ago and was kinda fussy for like 5 days so Jess and I were like guess he has another earache again. Darn colds. So we took him in Sunday evening(mothers day) and no earaches!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a sore throat. He always gets a earache with a cold. Guess its time to grow out of it. Thank goodness. Looks like no ear tubes either. Im keeping my fingers crossed.
Okay so Blake is doing so much now. He is getting to be a handful really. The past couple weeks he has started to pull himself up on everything. A lot of new bruises on his face. Also he is just cruising everywhere and I have to follow him around everywhere especially by the stairs.
Tuesday night we got the chance to talk to Larry and Dixie my in laws on their mission in Peru for mother's day! We talked for a good hour and a half. They said they live in a room basically and sleep on a mattress on the ground and don't have any appliances. When they found out they were gonna live there they thought it wasn't very nice, but then as time went on they found it was actually one of the better places to live. They also said it doesn't rain ever in Peru. Crazy. Last time was in 1963. And their winters are our summers. Anyways it was good talking to them, we enjoyed it.
Rachel got her braces off. She is obsessed with herself now. Okay not really, but she is excited.
This weekend we are planning on going to a party/ homecoming in Clearfield. They are roasting a pig outside. We went a few times when we were little. Had lots of fun. Maybe I will bring my camera and take some pics. I hope its warm.

Back to Back Baby Girls!

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Both Marie and Sarah had Ava and Camille in the past couple weeks. Both dark brown hair, both really cute. Camille looks like a Cook with her cute big cheeks and Ava looks a lot like Logan. It has been a lot of fun with this all going on. School is almost over for Jess. It will be a good break this summer for not only him, but me. We'll get to spend a little more time with him.

I gave Blake a hair cut last night. It was his like his 5th haircut I have given him since hes been born....I may have cut the sides a little too short..ha ha. Oh well it always grows out.

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Last week Blake was teething and some kinda bug. He didn't throw up, but it came out the other end if you know what I mean...Maybe it was from the teething who knows. Some of these things I will never know. He wasn't happy and wouldnt let me put him down for very long at all. This week was different story thank goodness. Blake was so much fun...It makes you appreciate the good days that's for sure. Pretty sure that's why we have those bad days.
So this week was good as one of my sisters had a baby girl. They named her Camille Jane Cook......One of the cutest babies I have ever seen. Long dark hair with big chubby cheeks. SO cute. My other sister is due this upcoming week...So back to back baby girls....So much fun.

Jess and I went to Cal Ranch yesterday and Jess bought a hand gun that he is so excited about it. Blake and I played with the chicks there, Blake loved them. The gun was supposed to be for Jess's b-day but he just cant wait and keep it hidden until then.... He has to show my dad and my brother-in-laws. His bday is May 1st. Oh well, whatever makes him happy sometimes. ha ha

Heidi has ran her first mile since her accident. She wants to run a 5k in I think August, she so can. She is doing real well and just keeps plugging away and keeps improving. We are going to the gym still everyday but Tuesday for about 45-1 hour..... Heidi is lifting pretty much the same weights as me...I cant believe how well she is doing.

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So I am pretty sure Blake is teething. Its that time I guess. The night before last was pretty much awful. He woke up like every 15 minutes and cried wanting to eat. Then last night was better. He woke up like every 3 or 4 hours because he had to go diarrhea. I changed his diaper and back to sleep we went. He has also had a slight fever. Wow this teething stuff is not easy for Blake. He is not one of those kids who wake up one morning with teeth. Jess comes home today from out of town. Thank goodness, he is nice to have around when Blake is being hard. Blake is actually a really good baby its just those times like earaches and teething that get us. This weekend Lily our niece is getting baptized in Mt. Pleasant so that is what we have planned for the weekend thus far. It will be fun. Also this next Tuesday my sister is scheduled to have her baby girl!!!!! Then the next week is when my other sister is due so excited. It will be so different to have brand new baby girls in the family.

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Im officially 24. My birthday over the weekend was good. Friday I went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse in Lehi with some friends of mine from Byu and there husbands. After dinner we went to Jamie's new house had root beer floats and talked....It was a lot of fun as we caught up on each others lives. They are a fun group and one that me and my husband relate and get along with real well. I hope we keep in touch and do things for a long time. Saturday was fun as Jess and I went to Subway for lunch, Sams Club, and then to a Chinese Buffet. Afterward we went to my parents for cake and gifts. Sunday was Heidis b-day. It was always fun having Heidis birthday the next day growing up. We are the 3 year and 1 day apart twins. Okay I would like to think so. Heidi and I get along real well and we enjoy being around each other, same with all the sis really. A compliment to me as Heidi and I went to subway the other day together and one of the workers knew we were sisters and said we looked identical...We get that a lot now days makes me feel good. So this summer we are going on a vacation to where? we dont know yet. Plane, cruse, .......Any ideas let me know.


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