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So Blake's birthday is in about a month from now(July 1st). I wanted to have a birthday and family get together for it, so I thought of some fun things to do for it. I don't think any of the cousins have ever done a pinata so I made one, actually I made two. ha ha. Yes it was so much fun that I had to make another, no not really, but I started making two from the start. I don't know why I guess I have to do things the hard way. One of the pinata's is a basketball and the other is a duck. I guess that's why I did it in a month in advance so I wouldn't feel so bad about destroying something that took so long so quickly.
Another thing I like to make or eat I should say are subs. I never get subbed out, and I eat them often Jess would tell you. He doesnt mind eating them a lot either.


Heidistaynews said...

I'm so excited for Blake'S b-day party!!! I LOVE your pinyatas and that picture is so cute of Blake being squished by that duck!! haha I love it!

Aubrey Earl said...

Ha I know isnt it funny! He wanted to tear apart the duck the whole time I was making it, so finally I put it on him and it scared him...thats usually how it goes with thigs and the new baby girl cousins ya know.

Heather said...

Aubrey, I didn't know you have a blog! Fun! We need to get together soon and see your place!! We are living close enough now we don't have any excuse!!! :)


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